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The Disley Camp is held at:

Disley Amalgamated Sports Club, Jacksons Edge Road, Disley. SK12 2JR


Additional information for Camps…


When running, our Disley Holiday Camp will run over a half term or holiday, starting at 9.00am and finishing at 3.30pm. Our Camps give children of all ages and abilities the chance to play a mixture of their favourite sports. The day is packed with fun sports, fun break-times and wacky competitions. All Camps are run by qualified, experienced and enthusiastic coaches, who aim to build a strong rapport with all players and develop them through fun based games and activities.

General ‘on the day’ Camp prices –

  • 8.30am early morning drop off, only £3
  • 4.00pm late pick up, only £2
  • £8 per half day (9.00am until 12.30pm or 12.30pm until 3.30pm)
  • £15 per day (9.00am until 3.30pm)
  • £28 for 2 days
  • £38 for 3 days
  • £48 for 4 days
  • £55 for 5 days
  • £62 for 6 days
  • £68 for 7 days
  • £74 for 8 days
  • £81 for 9 days
  • £88 for 10 days

Prizes are also up for grabs, such as footballs, trophies, medals and t-shirts.

Disley Amalgamated Sport Club

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