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At PAS we are always looking at ways to get more and more children participating in sport. With International Woman’s Day (8th March) approaching, our latest drive is to target getting more girls involved. So with this our female coaches, Megan, Sinead, Jess, Jane and most recently Beth, will be coming into schools to promote girls sport. We will also be announcing a brand new ‘Girls Only Multi-Sport Club’ which we hope to launch around the time of IWD. –

This morning I had the pleasure in speaking with a lady called Joanne. Joanne is a parent who works in Diversity and Inclusion and her children take part in PAS activities, both in school time, after school time and also during the evenings. We discussed how important it was for both boys and girls to take part in sport… On the surface sport is great for your health, it keeps you fit, strong, flexible etc, but what about the other side of the coin?

Most recently we’ve seen some brilliant role models for sport. Sir Andy Murray, Sir Mo Farah, Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill, Dame Katherine Grainger, to name a few… In fact looking at the New Years honours list there are lots and lots of female athletes being recognised for their achievements in sport. Laura Kenny, Kate Richardson-Walsh, Nicola Adams, Kadeena Cox, plus all of the GB woman’s hockey team! If there ever was a good time to promote sport, and specifically girls sport, then the time is now!

Evidence shows that sport is great for you socially… It improves confidence, self belief, leadership, teamwork and communication skills. All of which are skills we use on a daily basis. Actually these skills might help towards your success as well, such as landing that job, making that promotion or simply leading a good work/life balance.

More and more companies worldwide are giving opportunities to ex-sporting female professionals, as they believe their skills, plus drive and focus are imperative towards a successful business.

So not only is sport good for your health, but it will also have an impact on everything you do. Overall, we can’t wait to get more and more children involved in sport and therefore help towards there overall development.

Stay tuned to find out more about our ‘Girls Only Multi-Sport Club’ or register your interested by contacting PAS – Email or call the office on 01457 854069.

Jess Ennis-Hill

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